• Ecosheet will be created for the first time on-site in Fife.
  • Ecosheet will positively impact the construction and manufacturing sectors.
  • Ecosheet will be manufactured from 100% hard to recycle waste plastics and products. 
  • Ecosheet will be available to order direct from the manufacturer.


  • As strong as plywood
  • In line with plywood pricing
  • A greater life span than that of plywood/alternatives.
  • Ecosheet also diminishes the environmental impact that plywood has. Unlike plywood, it is recyclable at end of life.


Ecosheet will be produced in 

  • 12 mm thickness
  • 15mm thickness
  • 18mm thickness
  • 21mm thickness


Ecosheet is suitable for

  • Construction industry
  • Exterior applications
  • Interior applications
  • Marine and water applications
  • Shuttering
  • And many more

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